Shumaker Loop & Kendrick hired me in 2008 to help them put together a corporate art collection that could grow with the firm while supporting the art community. Our first year selections helped to create our parameters to include regional Florida artists, established and emerging, in all media. Each year the SLK Art Committee updates the collection by supporting the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts and, by thoughtfully considering pieces that continue to strengthen and diversify the collection. 

The Herndon's collection grew through our shared fondness for folk and contemporary art. They lived down the street and attended many of my Art House gatherings to meet and support area artists. A move took them to Gainesville where the Harn Museum recruited them to offer an art collection tour and dinner in their home. They asked me to come for dinner and serve as tour guide since I was familiar with or had been involved in many of their art finds and decisions. An intimate and very enjoyable evening all around. 

MMA Financial | A true Florida Art Collection was assembled, working with Urban Studio Architects to complement the design concept, incorporating the floor-to-ceiling views of surrounding water, sky and marsh. Works by Beatricia Sagar (Miami), Charles Parkhill (Tampa), and Lyda Toy (Pensacola) were selected, among others, to enhance the coquina rock walls, grass-cloth textures, and warm teak ceilings. 

Central Florida Law Firm | A unique concept was developed - instead of the firm's former traditional lobby area, this client asked me to create an art gallery lobby for new office space which involved finding several key pieces to set the tone. Once again, Charles Parkhill's work fit the bill and complemented a vibrant Gator Awakening triptych by Edgewater artist, Audrey Phillips. Located in a historic building, in downtown Lake Wales, the contemporary gallery is a pleasant surprise and leaves a lasting impression.